If you’re aiming to put your home in the best light possible with fresh décor, it could be as simple as doing just that.

Top lighting tips & trends to get the most from your home décor update

If you’re aiming to put your home in the best light possible with fresh décor, it could be as simple as doing just that.
“Updating your lighting is one of the quickest and easiest ways to add value to your home,” says Marla Young, president of Toronto-based Universal Lighting. And, she’s not only referring to fixtures.

Recent advances in LED technology are changing the design landscape, giving homeowners a variety of décor options. Some are practical, others more whimsical. Either way, a small change now will go a long way to creating beautiful, long-lasting style, she says.

Choosing the right light takes careful planning. Young’s top décor tips include:

Know your proportions
A common mistake is to think a small room needs a small light. If your dining furniture is chunky, the light above needs to be similar in weight and volume. Young recommends imagining a block around the table and chairs, and coordinating a fixture to relate regardless of room size. “Pick something chic and stylish, and you’ll get that instant wow factor,” she says.

Be task-oriented
For a simple, modern update to a kitchen or bathroom, add general task lighting using easy-to-mount LED tape lights under cabinets, in closets or anywhere more light is required. “They’re so small, bright and inexpensive, there’s a solution for every space,” says Young.

Take an integrated approach
How many homeowners does it take to change a light bulb? None, if you choose a long-lasting integrated LED light, one of the biggest trends in lighting right now. Integrated lights don’t use bulbs. Instead, the LED chip is embedded into the design of the fixture itself, emitting an even, consistent glow that is ideal over a bathroom mirror or kitchen table.

Get in touch with Kelvin
When upgrading to LED lights, it’s important to know the Kelvin (K) – or colour – temperature in order to achieve the look you want. Warm white (2700 to 3500K) is cosy, calm and inviting; cool white (6000 to 7000K) is brighter and more suitable for task lighting; and, daylight (5000 to 5500K) is crisp and invigorating. Newer bulbs can be adjusted to all three settings using a remote.

Set the mood outdoors
Gone are the days of the coach lantern. Outdoor lighting options are more versatile than ever, says Young, ranging from front entrance chandeliers to patio fans to sleek LED lights in a variety of finishes. For added curb appeal, install eave lighting in the corners of your home.

“Even if you don’t change anything but your lights, you’ll be surprised by the impact,” says Young.