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Lighting Info

You spend a lot of time inside. Optimize your interior space by having it beautifully lit. The right fixtures will enhance your interior design by cascading warm light, highlighting special spaces, and serving as attractive visual focal points. Your interior lighting design makes a vital difference to your entire interior decorating scheme – include lighting as a significant part of your interior design plan.

Chandeliers are decorative, multi-arm, ceiling-mounted, hanging fixtures that use multiple light bulbs. The right chandelier will add beauty and charisma to any space. They can cast a soft cascade of light or gleam vibrantly. Formal chandeliers use crystals to create a beautiful spectrum of light that dazzlingly fill a room. Crystal chandeliers with shades are very popular and work well in both formal and more casual settings. Chandeliers for use in less formal settings can be made from iron, wood, ceramic, glass, and many other materials. A large chandelier can stand out in a big space, such as a grand foyer, just as beautifully as a mini chandelier can dramatically enhance a smaller space, like a powder room or walk-in closet.

Pendants are decorative hanging fixtures that are affixed to the ceiling and hang to the desired length by a cord. They can be suspended over kitchen and dining room tables, game tables, kitchen islands, bedside tables, desks and all other work areas, as they provide both general and task lighting. Pendants use shades or glass to avoid casting a glare. They come in all different shapes and sizes, from mini pendants, which are perfect for subtle illumination and can be used alone or in multiples, to large pendants, which can make a great design statement, to multi-light pendants, which make striking use of a great horizontal space.

Flush mount lights create a streamlined look, as they attach directly to the ceiling, leaving no space between the ceiling and the light. They look great in almost all interior spaces and are especially popular for use in hallways, bathrooms, and bedrooms, and anywhere with a lower ceiling height.

Semi flush mounts are installed very close to the ceiling. These fixtures use stems to connect the body of the light to the ceiling. Like flush mounts, they are ideal for all spaces that have a lower ceiling height, but look great in almost all locations, regardless of the height of the ceiling.

Not only will your bath and vanity lighting affect how your bathroom looks, it will also affect how you look! The right bathroom and vanity lighting will cast a bright, flattering illumination that doesn’t glare. Vanity lighting should light the face in the mirror from all sides, minimizing unflattering shadows. This can be achieved by using a long fixture above the mirror or a sconce on each side of the mirror.

Table lamps provide added style, task and ambient lighting for almost every room. They are perfect on a bedside table, desk, end table and foyer table. Table lamps are very practical, as they are portable and do not require installation. They are also often highly stylized, with styles complementing every decor style from traditional to contemporary.

Floor lamps are a great and easy way to add flare and light to a space. They are portable and often adjustable, making them very versatile. Floor lamps are perfect for brightening up a dark area, creating task or ambient light, and adding height to draw the eye up. Every style of decorating can be complemented with floor lamps, as they come in virtually all styles.

Island and billiard lights provide the perfect ambiance for a kitchen or games room. They are specifically made to hang above a kitchen island, work island or billiard table and provide the right amount of light without glare. They are typically shaded pendants that are longer than they are tall, perfectly complementing the length of an island or billiard table.

Lanterns are a unique style of hanging fixture that can be beautifully used in numerous spaces. They are a historical style that originated when candles were used for light. Lanterns are extremely popular in foyers and hallways and also look great in kitchens and dining rooms.

An eternally popular style, schoolhouse globes never go out of style. Schoolhouse globes consist of a long, thin rod and a rounded glass shade. They complement many design styles and look great in many rooms, particularly over a kitchen table or island.

Wall sconces are lights that are mounted on the wall instead of the ceiling. They are ideal for every space, as they beautifully adorn empty walls and provide the perfect soft light in typically tricky areas, including stairways and hallways. Wall sconces complement mirrors and provide a flattering soft glow when positioned on both sides of a mirror. They come in all styles and cast a softer radiance when accented with a diffuser, often made of material or glass, and provide a brighter luminosity when the light is not filtered through a diffuser.

Swing arms fixtures are a great way to provide adjustable task or accent lighting, as they consist of a fixture on the end of an adaptable arm that can be moved to accommodate your changing lighting needs. Floor lamps, table lamps, and wall-mounted fixtures can all have swing arms. These are a great solution for bedside lighting and can be used in multiple settings to provide the ideal style and amount of light.

Picture lights are the ideal way to provide accent lighting. These lights are designed to best highlight art and other wall-mounted displays, including photographs and diplomas. Picture lights come in all different styles, including traditional and modern, so they can complement the style of the art being showcased. They can be beautifully used in all spaces, including foyers, living rooms and offices.

Using spot and functional lighting allows you to highlight desired spaces, including art, family photographs, or your favourite reading chair. These lights add a rich, dramatic layer to your lighting and decorating scheme, making your room look more dimensional and beautifully multifaceted.

Light emitting diodes (LED) are small conductors that revolutionarily provide light by passing electricity through a safe chemical compound. They were first used in computers and small electrical devices before becoming a popular option for residential lighting. LEDs are extremely energy efficient and will lead to lower power bills and less frequent bulb changing. They are very long lasting, shatter resistant, cool to the touch, and cost effective.

Track lighting is a custom system that uses numerous lighting heads that are secured to a track installed on the ceiling. It is a great solution for all interior spaces because you install the tracks to fit your space, making the configurations completely customized. Track lighting perfectly brightens up any room, and looks great when directed on art and unique objects, entertainment centres, and kitchen islands. The lighting heads can be constantly adjusted to suit your needs at any given time, providing great general lighting as well as magnificent task and accent lighting. Lighting heads come in all styles, and can be small and unassuming or large and striking.

Step lights are used for variety of applications including interior step lighting, exterior step lighting, deck step lights, and step lights for the home or for commercial and hospitality applications. They have been used as a safety feature in many applications. Step lights have proven to be viable asset to illuminating your steps and will cast a light glow where needed.