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Lighting Plans & Demonstration Facilities

Lighting Plans

Lighting plans are a great way to plan lighting placement in advance when building and renovating or redecorating. Our lighting consultants will be happy to work with you to create a personalized lighting plan. They also offer professional advice on all things lighting, including fixture style, scale & placement, and bulb selection. Lighting is both an art and a science. The merging of these two for a specific application that meets an individual's needs often requires assistance from someone who is trained and knowledgeable. Please come into the store or contact us to communicate with an experienced lighting consultant.

Demonstration Facilities
Not sure of the difference between line voltage and low voltage?
Not sure how many recessed lights to install?

Come see our demonstration lab so that you can instantly see each kind of recessed light and light bulb, and what kind of spacing will create the proper effect for what you have in mind. Our experienced staff can show you just what recessed lighting can do for you.

If you cannot come in to see our demonstration lab, send us your scale drawing of the room you wish to light and we will gladly do a lighting layout for you. The fee for this service will be subtracted from your Universal Lamp purchase for the project.