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Custom Fixtures, Lamps & Shades

Custom Fixtures & Lamps
Do you have something specific in mind that you do not see in our product lines? If so, tell us about it! We will gladly work with you to have your ideal custom fixture made for you. Regardless of whether the task of customizing a fixture for you involves something small or something large, we will have it made just for you! We often customize chandeliers by creating shades in customers' choices of colour, fabric or trim. Let us know what you desire, and we will do everything we can to make your lighting wishes come true.
Custom & Replacement Shades
We produce top quality custom shades and replacement shades for homes, cottages, the hospitality industry, wholesale trade, and retail trade. Made from paper, linen, pure silk, and synthetic silk, our shades can cover the smallest sconce to the grandest chandelier and any table or floor lamp. Select from a range of shapes including rectangular, square, oval, octagon, drum and A-line. A soft-sided shade has a more traditional look with fabric on the outside of the frame and lining on the inside. Soft-sided shades are either pleated or stretched over the wire frame, and all of ours are hand sewn in Canada. A hard-backed shade is either paper or fabric that is laminated or backed onto cardstock. Hard-backed shades are used more often in modern settings. You may choose to provide us with the material, or you may want to use one of our own fabrics and papers.

The standard method of measuring your shade is as follows:

Size in inches: (top x bottom x height)